John O’callaghan.
The Maine.

Warped Tour, Taken by me.

All Time Low being buttheads at APMAs. x



[ ❀ ] meet the blogger:

name: stephanie
height: 5’6”
eye color: green
birthday: January 16th
favorite color: red or purple, i think.

best school subject(s): I suck at school all together.
current shirt color: light blue
day or night: night
celebrity crush: john ohh if you count him as a celebrity .
coffee or tea: tea
favorite food: pancakes




ouch my heart


I’d just like to say John O’ announced to all of us at warped tour that he had too many “adult beverages” and pissed himself the night before. Lmao


if you like The Maine for their looks, you gotta get outta here. it’s not like John’s gonna end up dating you anyway so???

thank you bless you


John O'callaghan trying to make out with a mascot or something like that.


preach yes finally someone’s voicing this out bc really who cares about what he looks like???? he’s a musician for fuck’s sake and he sells his music not his face

that last sentence is reALLY IMPORTANT OH MY GOSH THANK YOU

Thank you, they’re going outside to smoke now so I’m gonna dash for my room.

john and tay during the ap cover stars signing on july 19th, 2014 [x]